Hi, I’m Sophie.

I'm a British-born, half Thai half Danish, Amsterdam-based writer.

I can help you turn your awesome stories and ideas into content pieces that move, inspire, inform, celebrate, and educate.

Don't keep your stories to yourself. Let’s get them on paper.

My areas of expertise:
  • Copy & content writing (blog articles, white papers, micro-blogs, web content, case studies, ebooks, thought leadership, SEO)
  • Ghostwriting

Other fun stuff:
πŸ—£ English is my native language.
πŸ’œ I write a weekly newsletter about diversity, equity & inclusion called The After Party (currently on hold).
πŸŒ“ I write another (less frequent) newsletter called The Half-Child, featuring stories of people with mixed backgrounds and cultures.
πŸ’Ό My current and recent clients include EDUNAKHO, IG&H, Limelights, Talent Inc., Delitelabs, Kaizen Institute, JustB, PharmAccess, the Undercover Activist, and THNK School of Creative Leadership.
✏️ The proof is in the pudding – check out my writing portfolio here.

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Based in Amsterdam NL